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Our free computer recycling service is an eco friendly program and designed around the greenest available options, ensuring old computers are recycled correctly and not ending up in any city dump or landfill.


Our green recycling program is easy to use with ZERO cost to you for recycling of your old computer(s) and some electronics.


Items that contain large amounts of lead or mercury incurs additional cost for it's safe handling.


Important Information - Environmental Fee's.

The safe disassembly of monitors is a primary concern of ours as its extremely important to human health that its done right and in a controlled zone. Our charges to handle toxic materials found in monitors and printers start at $9.95, and for UPS (backup batteries) from $10/battery. After the toxic materials are removed the remaining components (plastic, metals, resins) are recycled with the other items.


What We Accept!!


  • Obsolete Computer Products - Computer mainframes and PC's not matter the age or conditions, computer wiring, junction boxes, printers, networking hardware and even extra keyboards and mice for free.
  • Monitors & CRT's - We recycle all types on monitors. From your basic monochrome monitors to modern flat screens, starting at a cost of $8/unit, monitors must not have broken glass screens.
  • Electronic Scrap or Surplus - Personal & mainframe computers, printers, networking hardware, computer cabling, modems, pc cards, mainframe and computer printed circuit boards, memory modules, processors and power supplies.
  • Electronic Switching Gear - hubs, networking gear, modems, routers, switches, racks and all types of miscellaneous components.
  • Printers,Faxes, All-in Ones - Desktop and Floor Models, printers could incur additional pickup charges, all requests are treated on a case by case basis.
  • Unfortunately we are not equipped to handle TV pickup, nor have the downstream recycling contacts to correctly divert the many components in TV's right now.




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Computers Laptops
Monitors Up to 17" (iMac, CRT or LCD) Computer Cables
Large Monitors 19"-24" Loose Hard Drives
Keyboards UPS Small
Servers UPS Large
Small Printers /Fax/Scanners
Large Printers ( Floor Units )
Desktop Scanner
Networking Gear (hubs, routers, switches)
Cell Phones
Networking or Server Rack/Closets
Secure Data Destruction of Removed Drive
( $10/Hard Drive )
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Don't have the quantities but have everything loaded onto skids, bulk removal of all equipment at dock level is available. Please tell us how many skids or estimated weight, we will gather the quantities once we begin communications.

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